Malam Jabba –  The Mini Switzerland

Malam Jabba –  The Mini Switzerland

It is not possible for everyone to visit abroad and enjoy the beauty of Switzerland, so Malam Jabba is the place which is called as Mini Switzerland, you can enjoy the beauty of Switzerland here in Pakistan the Place which is called as Malam Jabba. 

Malam Jabba is another good one day trip destination from Islamabad. Malam Jabba is a beautiful hill station in District Swat, KP province. It is approx 300 k.m from Capital Islamabad. If you want to spend some time in a peaceful, calm natural place , Malam Jabba is the best option.  It is full of tourists any season and very famous for people of all over the country. 

The natural view and cold weather enhance the beauty of Malam Jabba.

Location & Route

Malam Jabba is the hilltop resort located in the Swat district, It is about 300 km away from Islamabad and takes just 5 to 6 hours. The trip is also possible without any stay if you go non stop. but if you stay you will enjoy more and more

You should use the Srinagar Highway, then the Peshawar Motorway and arrive at the Kernal Sher Khan interchange and then move to the Swat motorway and reach Chakdara, then use the Bahrain road and reach Fizagat, After traveling a few kilometers you reach Mangalore. 

The hilly terrain starts with the Malam Jabba road to reach Malam Jabba, the Swiss Mini.

Food & Hotels

If you want to visit and stay in Swat City then no place is better than Fizagat. Fizagat is good for staying, good quality hotels and foods available in Fizagat. 

If we talk about Malam Jabba there are many Local & Luxury Hotels and restaurants available in Malam Jabba Top Pearl Continental (PC) is one of them. Also there are many Dhaba hotels there and They are very reasonable. 

The People of Malam Jabba are also very kind and courteous. I suggest to have an at least one night stay in Malam Jabba.



Malam Jabba has a beautiful view you will enjoy a lot. Malam Jabba has also a massive snowfall in winter. It is perfect or more than perfect for nature lovers, you can enjoy Lodging, Skiing, Skating and Trekking here.

You can also enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of Malam Jabba with Chairlift. The ski area is more than perfect for skiing and all ski equipment such as poles, sleds, elevators and skates are readily available, 

You can more and more enjoy Skating here with the slope of Malam Jabba, Game is not over now, you can also enjoy Trekking here. You will also enjoy the beautiful weather also



I may conclude that Malam Jabba is one of the best places to visit. The beauty is beyond words, you should always remember the visit to Malam Jabba. The roads are very good, good quality food and lodging are also available , Malam Jabba is the best place to spend summer and winter vacations, SO Make a Trip.

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