Katas raj temple Chakwal

If you love traveling and If you like visiting historical places, then Katas Raj is the ideal place for you. It is unique, beautiful historic location, also known as Katas Fort, there was many Hindu temples are there in Katas Raj, It is famous for its beauty and also have a nice pond, which highlight the beauty of this temple, If you love the historical place, you should visit katas raj to explore its beauty.

Location & Route

Katas Raj is 160 km from Faizabad Islamabad, it is located in the district Chakwal on Kallar Kahar road 25 km far from Kallar Kahar,

From Islamabad you should use Srinagar Highway, then the Lahore motorway M2 till Kallar Kahar and then moves toward Kallar Kahar road and after a drive of 25km you will reach Katas Raj Fort.
You also use the GT road, reached Mandra and the use Chakwal road to reach there, you can also use IJP road, but I suggest you to travel by Lahore motorway M2.

I also suggest you if you visit Katas Raj then also visit the Khewra Salt Mine, which is approx 20 km far from Katas Raj. Then your trip will be more exciting.



Katas Raj is a beautiful historic place like a fort, It is Sign of Beautiful architecture. There are seven temples, built in a style similar Kashmiri temples, with fluted pillars, trefoil arches, dentils, and rooflines that are pointed.
Katas Raj has so beautifully designed, having the water pond filled with water that comes from beneath the temples.

A highly recommended location for all tourists . Very good for pictures and photographs It’s safe, peaceful place you can sit hours and hours. Each wall is a piece of art.

Food & Hotels

Katas Raj is also a One day trip destination, it takes 2 to 3 hours from Islamabad you can easily manage without any stay. There is no high-quality dining or restaurant within the fort. But there are some local hotels out site the fort they are good for refreshment, tea and Bakora are amazing. I don’t recommend you to stay there. If you plan to visit Khewra Mine also, then make a meal at the Khewra Salt Mine.


I personally visit Katas Raj you can watch my photos and video, it is a very beautiful fort. I recommend you to visit there good for one day trip. Peaceful historical location no noise, no sound, its beautiful architecture and the pond are simply amazing. Also a very good place for photography, The roads are also¬† good to travel. So make a trip and Explore Pakistan…

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Long live my beloved country Pakistan

Long live Pakistan

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