Khewra – The largest Salt Mine

Khewra salt mine is the 2nd largest salt mine of the world located in Punjab province, district Jhelum, Khewra salt mine was discovered by Alexander the great during his Indian campaign, The mine was discovered by horses when they found licking stones. During the Mughal era salt was traded in Central Asia, Sikhs also occupied Khewra Salt mine. After independence we enjoy the Red, Pink Salt of  Khewra mine, and also enjoy the adventure here.


Khewra salt mine is 190 km from Faizabad Islamabad, it is located in the district Jhelum From Islamabad you should use Srinagar Highway, then the Lahore motorway M2 till Kallar Kahar and then moves toward Kallar Kahar road and after a drive of 25km you will reach Katas Raj Fort enjoy Katas Raj and then travel 20 Km to reach Khewra Salt mine.

You also use the GT road, reach Mandra and then use Chakwal road to reach there. You can also use IJP road, but I suggest you travel by Lahore motorway M2.

I also suggest you if you plan to visit Khewra salt mine, then first visit the Katas Raj Fort and then move Khewra Salt mine, which is approx 20 km far from Katas Raj. Then your trip will be more exciting.


Salt Salt Salt, Salt is everywhere at Khewra Salt mine, that’s why Khewra Salt Mine is a major tourist attraction Place, approx having 250K visitors per year,  earning considerable revenue. Visitors are brought to the mine via the Khewra Salt Mines Railway. There are many saline pools inside. The Masjid was built in mining tunnels with multicolored salt bricks about 50 years ago. You really enjoy spending some time in the company of salt, 

Another interesting thing in the mine includes a model of Minar-e-Pakistan, a statue of Dr. Allama Iqbal, the name of Muhammad (SAWW) in Urdu. A model of the Wall of China and Mall Road of Murree. You will really enjoy all these exciting things.

A highly recommended location for all tourists. Very good for pictures and photographs. It’s a safe, peaceful place where you can sit for hours and hours. Each wall is a piece of art.


 Khewra Salt Mine is a good One day trip destination, it takes 3 to 4 hours from Islamabad you can easily manage without any stay. There is a good restaurant outside the mine. Also good for refreshment, tea and Bakora are amazing. I don’t recommend you to stay there. If you plan to visit Katas Raj also, then make a meal at the Khewra Salt Mine.


 I personally visit the Khewra Salt Mine,  you can watch my photos and video. It is an amazing place to have a one day trip from Islamabad. Peaceful adventurous  location, no noise, no sound, Different models also enhances the excitement. Also a very good place for photography. You should visit Katas Raj and Khewra mine in the same trip, So make a trip and Explore Pakistan.

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Long live my beloved country Pakistan

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