Mangla dam Mirpur

Mangla dam Mirpur Azad Kashmir

The 2nd largest dam of Pakistan the Mangla dam, it is 6th largest dam in the world located on Jhelum river in district Mirpur Azad Kashmir, the area of mangla dam is 250 km2 (97 sq mi). Total water storage capacity is 7.4 million acre-feet (9.13 billion cubic metres). And  Mangla dam produced 1,500 megawatts.electricity.

Mangla dam is a good one day trip destination from Islamabad. Mangla Dam is a dam located in Mirpur Azad Kashmir. It is about 120 km from Islamabad. If you want to spend good time in a peaceful, calm environment , Khanpur dam is the best point.. It is a good destination for a one day trip and if you go there I suggest you visit Khari Sharif also.


Mangla dam is located in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, It will take a maximum 3 hours drive from Faizabad. 

You should use Rawalpindi Expressway, then GT road till you reach Dina and then use Mangla Road to reach your destination.

Entertainment and leisure

Mangla dam is a good picnic point to visit with family, it is famous for its beautiful view and bluish water. It is full of recreational facilities for all the visitors. 

There are hundreds of entertaining things you can enjoy there.

  • You can enjoy the amazing view at the mangla water resort.
  • You can also visit mangla fort history museum.
  • You can visit Asifa Bhutto Park.
  • You can visit Mangla lake view point
  • You can enjoy the beauty at Kharak in the center of the dam
  • You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Rathoa Heryam Bridge.

You can enjoy many Entertaining activities.

  • There is good picnic area and best place for BarBi Q,
  • You can enjoy their boating and fishing.
  • You can enjoy Trekking, Paragliding and parasailing.
  • You can enjoy jet skiing, jet boat, and cliff diving.
  • You can also enjoy good food and restaurants. Also a good place for tea bakora..
  • You can also enjoy good photography there.

A highly recommended place for a one day trip. It’s a safe, peaceful place, where you can sit for hours. kids also enjoy it very much.

Food & Hotels

Mangla dam is good for a one day trip from Islamabad, you can easily manage without any stay.

If we talk about Food & Hotels there are many Local & Luxury Hotels and restaurants available at Mangla dam. There are many Dhaba hotels and they are good for team Bakora. The People of Mirpur are also kind and courteous.


I have personally visited the Mangla dam,  you can watch my photos and videos. It is an amazing place to have a one day trip from Islamabad. Peaceful adventurous location, no noise, no sound, Beautiful lake view point. Also a very good place for photography. Roads are good and need some maintenance but you will not face any trouble, So guys  make a trip  Explore Pakistan and enjoy.

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Long live my beloved country Pakistan.

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