Shah Allah Ditta Caves Islamabad

Shah Allah Ditta Caves Islamabad

The 7 hundred years old village Shah Allah Ditta located at the below of the Margalla Hills Islamabad. It is famous that Shah Allah Ditta village is used as route to travel to Kabul from Taxila in the times of Alexander the Great and Sher Shah Suri.

Shah Allah Ditta caves are located in the Shah Allah ditta village toward khanpur. There are many large caves are there you will free adventurous after viewing that.


Shah Allah dita is another good one day trip destination if you like adventure. Shah Allah dita is located in Islamabad. It is about 25 km from Faizabad bus station Islamabad.

From Faizabad use should use Islamabad Expressway Faisal ave then Margalla road and move towards E-11 then use the D-12 Service road then Margalla Hills road to reach there.


Shah Allah dita caves is a good place of adventure, you can see large caves, People of Rawalpindi and Islamabad go there. There some good views also. If you continue traveling on the Margalla hills road you will reach district Haripur and there are many good hotels with a perfect view of Islamabad are there, like La Vista cafe and Chai Musa Restaurant you will also enjoy greenery and cold weather also there. Also a good place of photography and Barbi Q and tea bakora.


I have visited there its good destination, but if you have visited other picnic point of Islamabad Like Daman e Koh, Lake view park and etc then you go there

You can watch my photos and videos. It is an good place to have a trip from Islamabad in the evening. Peaceful adventurous location, no noise, no sound, Beautiful view of Islamabad. Also a very good place for photography. Roads are good in plane area, need some maintenance at some height, but you will not face any trouble, So guys  make a trip  Explore Pakistan and enjoy.

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Long live my beloved country Pakistan

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