How to avoid vomiting during traveling

As you know people travel a lot, there are many reasons to travel from one place to another. Some people are working abroad, some go abroad for study, some people travel to meet friends & family,  some people like tourism. Some people start a day with traveling because they have to go to the office, So you cannot deny the importance of traveling. Traveling is a major part of our life. That’s why there are many means of transportation like bikes, cars, trains, planes, etc. but some people feel motion sickness while traveling, and sometimes they delay their plans due to this..

What’s motion sickness

As we discuss the importance of traveling, there is a major issue that tourists face is Motion sickness. According to medical experts 1 out of 3 passengers face motion sickness. What’s motion sickness? Motion sickness is “Some people feel sick during traveling and start vomiting”. Vomiting is the major issue that passengers feel while traveling by car, bus., trains, planes, etc. Some people don’t go for long tours just because of vomiting. As you know I’m also a tourist and I have motion sickness. I start vomiting during my journey. So I’m going to tell you how I have avoided motion sickness. You should not ruin your trip because of this..

A man worried about motion sickness before traveling

Reason for motion sickness

Motion sickness cause when there is a conflict arises among our senses, During traveling our brain receives different signals from our different body parts, from eyes, ear, nose,  joints and muscles, and when these body parts send conflicting information to our brain, our brain confused so we start feeling sick, and worst sick feeling is that it start vomiting. Your eyes and ears say I’m on a journey, your feet say no I’m at rest. This will cause motion sickness And this is the major issue that tourists face while traveling. I will also tell you how I can avoid motion sickness.

How to cure motion sickness?

As you know I’m a tourist and I have a motion sickness problem. I started vomiting during my journey and I felt very bad while traveling. I was very upset about this so I searched, talked with friends and solved this problem and now feel good while traveling.

Friends, the best way to fight motion sickness is to take medicine. There are many medicines to use, but Motilium tablets are the best medicine to fight motion sickness. You should use this medicine 10 min before the meal, and see the magic. This will also help you to sleep during traveling. I use this medicine and feel comfortable during my journey.

There are many other ways to cure motion sickness, you should take a little meal, if you are traveling in the bus try to take the front seat, don’t use your mobile phone, close your eyes and try to sleep.I use this technique to avoid motion sickness. You should try this and it will help you a lot. 

You can also fight motion sickness by using motion sickness patch, motion sickness bands, motion sickness glasses, etc.

Following are the products you should use to fight motion sickness

There are many products available in the market, you can use them to avoid motion sickness some of them are given below.

Bonine Motion Sickness Tablets-Raspberry-16 ct.

About this item

  • Contains 16 tablets with Meclizine Hydrochloride, an antiemetic, to treat and prevent motion sickness, sea sickness and airsickness
  • This fruity raspberry chewable tablet is a great addition to your cruise ship accessories and travel medicine kits
  • The chewable tablet form makes it easy to transport and consume
  • Take one hour before travel for up to 24 hours of protection for motion sickness
  • Provides nausea relief for adults and children 12 and up


Designer Motion Sickness Wristband 

About this item

  • PRESSURE POINT BAND FOR NAUSEA RELIEF, MOTION SICKNESS, Morning Sickness, Seasickness, Carsickness, Heartburn, Indigestion, Anxiety, Vertigo Using Simple Acupressure Point Therapy.
  • MADE IN THE USA. Our products feature VELCRO Brand fasteners. Hook/Loop closure with polished steel secure loop.
  • ACCESSORY ADHESIVE TAPES added for placement or slippage issues. Latex free and manufactured in the USA. NO SIDE EFFECTS. Our Brand Acupressure Bracelets are the all-natural, non-drowsy, drug free alternative for NAUSEA.
  • SIMPLE DIRECTIONS. Wear prior/during symptoms. Adjust bracelets on both wrists at pressure point P6/H7. Full instructions including diagrams included with every purchase. Immediate relief within 5 minutes.
  • PERSONALIZED ADJUSTABLE SIZING for that perfect fit! Measure wrist circumference. Please view graph included with product pictures for assistance with measurement. ALL BRACELETS ARE ADJUSTABLE DOWN IN SIZE

Scented Anti Nausea Bracelets- Peppermint Oil

About this item

  • RELIEF OF NAUSEA, MOTION SICKNESS, MIGRAINES, HOT FLASHES AND HEADACHES with Simple Acupressure and Peppermint Oil Aromatherapy
  • WHEN STRESS, NAUSEA, HEADACHES OCCUR SIMPLY INHALE THE SCENT ON YOUR BAND. Taking deep slow breathes. Scent will fade in 1-4 weeks. Easily apply your own.
  • PERSONALIZED SIZING for that perfect fit! 5 sizes. Measure wrist circumference snug. If in between sizes then choose the smaller size. Please view graph included with product pictures for assistance with measurement. Bands are stretchy.
  • MADE IN THE USA. Waterproof. Durable. Comfortable.
  • EASY TO USE. Wear band on either wrist prior to/or during symptoms. Full directions and diagrams included with every purchase.

Zentrip Motion Sickness Relief Strips

About this item

  • Zentrip is Pharmacist-Highly-Recommended brand for motion sickness
  • Motion sickness and nausea prevention and relief; Non drowsy meclizine 25 mg dose strip form; anytime anywhere relief without liquid acts fast, lasts up to 24 hours; non-drowsy
  • Take anywhere without water
  • Faster acting
  • Made in Japan


At the end I may conclude that Motion sickness is not a big problem you should not ruin your plans, you can avaoid motion sickness by these step is told you above. so make a trip and enjoy

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