Umbrella Waterfall Sajikot Abbottabad

Umbrella Waterfall is one of the most beautiful heighted umbrella-like waterfall,  the best tourist attraction place in summers for people of twin cities. You can enjoy the view of an amazing umbrella-like waterfall, the beauty of the natural place in the mountains. The most amazing thing is that the color of water is bluish which enhances its beauty. The water is also very cold and you will very much enjoy bathing.

Location & route

Umbrella waterfall has emerged recently as a most famous tourist attraction. It is located in Sajikot, 27 Kilometers from the Havelian District Abbottabad KPK Pakistan. 

  • To visit Umbrella waterfall you should use Srinagar Highway, Peshawar motorway then Hazara Motorway till Shah Masood toll plaza, then move toward Havelian road reach Havellian, use the sajikot road to reach there. This route is a long route which is about 150 km from Faizabad but it is the easiest way to go there.
  • You can also go there from Daman e Koh, Monal and Pir Sohawa road but it is a very difficult way. Use this route only if you want to go by bike. 
  • You can also go there from Nathia gali, about 30 km away by using Kalabagh road. It will take 2 hours more.

I suggest you use the Havelian route which is most comfortable. And if you want to explore Nathia gali also then use that route. And if you want to go there on bike then you can use the Monal route but it is the most difficult route to visit Umbrella waterfall.

The important thing is that you must have a hike downward about 40 minutes from the road in village Poona to reach Umbrella waterfall. And the most amazing thing is that Sajikot Waterfall is also there on the same road you should go there also.

Leisure & Food

If you are a tired of hot weather and you want to bathe in open air then Umbrella waterfall is the best place to visit in summers, the high speed waterfall and cold bluish water is perfect to fight hot weather, Umbrella waterfall is an adventurous place, between the mountains, you need to hike down to reach there, it is also a best place for barbi q but it is little bit difficult to pick barbi q material and hike downward, It is also a very calm, peaceful place no noise there, you can sit near to water for hours. Putting your feet in cold water also makes you feel fresh. 

Umbrella waterfall is very famous among tourists but I suggest you visit there. You will like it alot, It is a good one day trip destination where you don’t need to stay. If you want a meal, dhaba hotels are there for meals and for tea Bakora, Roads are also okay to travel. Best place for photography, So make a trip and explore Pakistan.



Guys, I have personally visited Umbrella waterfall. It is a perfect place to visit in the summers, to enjoy bathing in cold water. I recommend you to go there using the route of Hazara Motorway, if you want to go by bike then use the Monal route but it is a very difficult route, you should also keep in mind a downward hike of 40 minutes . so guys go there and tell me about your experience.


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